Foundation Robotix

Kids will learn electronics, programming/coding, robotics and the ability to DIY through critical thinking and problem solving.
The clubs in schools will be able to attend international events such as exhibitions and competitions

Welcome to Foundation Robotix, the ultimate platform for interactive learning! We believe that children shouldn’t just stare at screens all day, but should learn coding and robotics in a playful and entertaining way. With us, they’ll develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills early on, and learn to use the tools that are building the technology of the future. We give them a head start, so they can reach for the stars!

But that’s not all. Parents can buy our fun-filled toys that teach the same skills and keep their children engaged with something other than the usual distractions like TV, phones, or video games. Plus, tutors, trainers, and teachers can access our resources, training courses, and activities that empower them to earn more when they have the time. It’s a win-win-win situation for everyone!

We’re excited to announce that we’re opening up in primary schools and at Amadu University centers. Parents can sign up their children, but we need teachers and trainers too


  • bringing together innovation and grounded understanding of pedagogy/training for younger learners
  • STEAM based model that brings together the best of STEM and creative/innovative/play based teaching and learning methods
  • Extra curricular/after-school/weekend/public holidays learning programme

Fill in the form below to signup. Select one or more of the radio boxes to specify wheather you want to know more about coding, robotics or a career as a trainer.